About Batam

Batam is an island located in Riau archipelago, Indonesia. With its location, bordering Singapore and Malaysia, Batam plays an important roles for economics and industrial development in Riau islands. The population is currently about 1, 150,000, dwelling in an area of 715 sq Km (276. 1 sq mi). Batam is divided into 12 sub district: Batam center, Lubuk baja, Nongsa, Sekupang, batu ampar, Belakang Padang, Bulang, Sagulung, Galang, Batu Aji, Sungai Beduk, Bengkong.

Many foreign tourists from Japan, Korea, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and the Netherlands, come to Batam via Singapore or Malaysia, by ferry services at Harbor Bay or Batam Center Ferry terminal.

The Special Economic Zone with Singapore, that eliminates tariffs and value-added tax, for goods shipped between Batam and Singapore, Batam is even more important in the world of trades and economics in South East Asia. For this reasons, many foreign investors put their investment in Batam. The biggest industrial park (along with 27 others) is Batamindo, that hold more than 50 foreign companies and industries.

Batam is a melting pot of Indonesia. you can find any major culture of Indonesian from east to west in Batam. Bataknese and Padangnese from Sumatra; Betawi Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese and Maduranese from Java, Flores from eastern Indonesia; Manadonese from sulawesi; and Dayak from Borneo. Not to mention chinese heritage and many foreigners nationality can be found in Batam.

As a culinary place, Batam is a amazing place to be. Highly influenced by Singaporean taste and Indonesian culture and its location by the sea. Seafood is amazing here, freshly caught and cooked by your design. But you can also find From Indonesian traditional cuisine to French Restaurant. Beside culinary, shopping is also one of strong point of Batam. In weekend, many singaporean and malaysian coming to batam to shop. In this small island of Batam, it boast having 6 Major shopping malls and more than 100 hotels ranging from 3 stars to 7 stars hotel and resorts.