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Jan 22, 2018
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Jul 11, 2018

7th February 2018 is the date of Mr Andy Shaw (Head of Economic Counselor for U.S.A. Embassy), Mr. Juha P. Salin (Consul of The United States of America to Sumatra) and Nuurazzaman As Sadiqi (Alumni of UIB and also Alumni of YSeali: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 2015) come to UIB as part of U.S Medan Consulate to give seminar to UIB Students regarding U.S Exchange Program and Education is U.S. This event are differ from the others because there are also 25 students from Woosong University (South Korea) and Nanjing Xiaozhuang University (China) lead by Prof Lee Byung Moo also attending the seminar in the part of the Island Camp 6.

The Seminar is mainly talking about opportunities to study in America as well as youth community based of America specifically designed for South East Asia’s Youth. Azzam, on of UIB’s Alumni also part of that community. He explained that not only he have a chance to visit the Big Apple, New York, but also chances to learn about entrepreneurship and mechanics from the super power country and visit some famous renowned university like Harvard and MIT. “It’s a chance to potential immense growth, and it should not be hidden but be widespread to all youth, I Encourage you to visit out facebook page and register yourself. we are now 200.000+ strong with Indonesia Student the largest portion, but it will grow even more, join us!” Azzam encourage the fellow student.

Living in America with the stigma of islamophobia and difficult situation and prejudice for middle eastern name, like 90% of Indonesian making the visit or study in USA seems like a negative prospective. But Mr Juha and Mr Andy encourage and stated in multiple occasion that its not the case. “From the news and social media and movie, USA seems like a awful place for some religion or ethnic society, but USA is a very big country, some of the action is not reflected to all american.” Azzam also added from his experience that USA is warm and the people are kind and helpful. The immigration are chatting while check up the document in friendly manner. The people are understand the needs of sholat and they accept it as part of the bigger society. Some university even have musholla as well.

The prospective to USA seems more and more positive. it could be a chance to UIB Student and Lecturer to span their wing and start education in uncle Sam. please check their website in