UIB’s Alumni of Electical Engineering Head to Taiwan For Master Degree Program

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Thursday, January 17th 2019 might be one of the precious moment of life for Abdul Khalik Akbar Alumni of UIB Electrical Engineering. Because on that day Abdul will leave Batam for 2 year to attend Master Degree Program in MingChi University of Technology, Taiwan. This program could be happened due to collaboration between UIB and MingChi University of Technology. Abdul is the 3rd student from UIB that accepted to got scholarship at MCUT for Master Degree Program. “I’m sad and happy at once. I feel Sad cause I have to leave my family here but I also feel happy because I will have an amazing experience over there. Hopefully everything will running well “said Abdul.

For the Departure Ceremony of Abdul beside accompanied by family also attended by Dr.Ing-Sabariman (Dean of Facult of Industrial Technology), Tony Wibowo (Head of UIB International Relations Office), Rahmi and Theodesia (UIB IRO Staff). On the Departure Ceremony Dr.Ing- Sabariman told to Abdul to take all the good and positive things that are obtained during the program and also do not hesitate to ask help from Nurul Ridho which UIB Alumni from EE that also taking master degree at MCUT. “Abdul was accepted in Master Program of the Department of Electronics Engineering in MCUT. He got scholarship from MCUT which covered tuition fee and also the accomodation fee.” explained Tony Wibowo, head of UIB-International Relations Office. UIB continuouesly try to encourage the students to take part in international programs and also try to improve their collaboration with other country to achieve better quality in education.