SunMoon University of South Korea visit UIB and Schools in Batam

UIB 1st International Joint Seminar
Oct 24, 2017
US Consulate come to UIB
Feb 8, 2018

Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB) as one of the best universities in Riau Islands Province continues to strive and improve its quality and competitiveness. One of the efforts to implement this is by establishing cooperation with various institutions. One of them is cooperation with SunMoon University, South Korea.

SunMoon University has become partner of UIB since 2015. The form of cooperation between UIB and SunMoon is double degree (2 + 2) program. So far UIB has sent its 11 best students to take double degree 2 + 2 program at SunMoon University. One of that students is Vera Novyanti (1541450) student of tourism study program.

Due to her excellent academic performance during her study at SunMoon University, Vera was appointed as one of SunMoon Univeristy’s ambassadors to visit several schools in Indonesia, to promote SunMoon University to high school students and students at universities.

For two days, from 8 to 9 January 2018, Vera Novyanti along with 2 other colleagues from SunMoon University namely Nurlita Muliatini and Shin Yujin provide socialization about SunMoon University in Vocational School Permata Harapan, Catholic High School Yos Sudarso and Universitas Internasional Batam. “Yes, our aim to visit some school is to introduce SunMoon University to the high school students. Giving spirit to students at school to be brave to study abroad. As for UIB, I would like to invite my fellow students also to follow my step of taking double degree program at SunMoon University. UIB and SunMoon cooperation program is very good I hope more students can also get the positive impact of this double degree program “explained Vera.

After visiting Batam, the delegates of SunMoon University ambassador is going to travel to Bandung to do the same mission. Introduce SunMoon University to School and University in Bandung.