Praying Room at Ming Chi

2017 Hanbat Visit to UIB
Oct 2, 2017
Media, Culture and I – an International Workshop with Prof Mary Bae
Oct 24, 2017

As a Muslim, Sholat or Praying is one of the most sacred activity and must not be neglected. This is one of the challenge faced by UIB Student in overseas. Most of UIB Partner already aware about the necessity of praying room or Musholla but not all realize it in real action. Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) Taiwan is hosting 2 of UIB’s Alumni, Nurul Ridho from Electrical Engineering and Ridho Azhar from Information System, are studying Master Degree in MCUT. With their help, MCUT design and provide Muslim Praying Room in MCUT.

Winnie, IRO of MCUT said that its very grateful for having both Ridho to help MCUT to promote brotherhood with different religion background in Taiwan. Musholla is still very rare in Taiwan and MCUT is proud to have one in their campus. “I Hope more student from Indonesia will be able to study in Ming Chi and have no worries about their religious need”, Winnie said to encourage more student from UIB to study in MCUT.