Place of Interest

Batam has a lot of interesting tourism spot. Here are few of Batam’s tourism spot we’ll share to you:

  • Barelang Bridge

Being Batam’s first landmark and icon, Barelang Bridge is one thing you can’t miss in Batam. Consisting of 6 bridges in total, Barelang Bridge connects Batam with other islands around Batam such as Rempang Island or Galang Island. “Barelang” itself is an acronym of “Batam-Rempang-Galang”.

  • “Welcome To Batam”

“Welcome To Batam” is Batam’s second landmark. Located on top of a hill at Batam’s government center and close to Batam International Ferry Terminal, this landmark welcomed tourist from everywhere.

  • Vietnam Camp

Located at Barelang’s fifth bridge, this camp was used by Vietnam refugees who ran away from sibling war at Vietnam in 1970s. Although refugees have returned to their home country, their civilization and silent witness of their cruel history still left behind at Vietnam Camp. Vietnam Camp has also become one of Indonesia’s humanity history.

  • Batam’s Golf Residence

Batam also has few golf residence. Few of the best golf residence Batam have are Southlink Golf Residence and Hills Golf Resort.

  • Maha Maitreyawira Buddhist Monastery

With 4.5 hectares large, Maha Maitreyawira Buddhist Monastery is the biggest monastery in Batam. It was built at November 2nd  1991 and inaugurated at January 23rd 1999.

  • Amerta Bhuana Temple

Amerta Bhuana Temple is one of Batam’s diversity. This temple is located near our campus, Universitas Internasional Batam.

  • Ocarina Mega Tourism

Ocarina is famous for it’s 12 Chinese Zodiac Statues. Tourist and Batam citizens often visits Ocarina for photoshoot and family time, such as family picnic, swimming, cycling, or eating at Rumah Makan Ibu Fatmawati.

  • Beaches

Batam also has a lot of beautiful beaches. One of the most famous beach in Batam is Mirota Beach.

Batam is also very close to Bintan Island, one of Indonesia’s most famous tourism spot. You can go to Bintan from Batam by taking a ferry for an hour. Bintan, with Tanjungpinang as Riau Island Province’s capital city, has many unique tourism spot. We’ll reveal few of them for you:

  • Treasure Bay Site

Treasure Bay, recently opened at 2016, is Bintan’s most interesting tourism spot. It has the biggest human-made crystal lagoon in Southeast Asia. Treasure Bay also has resort and inn for foreign tourists who wish to stay for few days.

  • Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Monastery (Senggarang Monastery)

This monastery is famous for it’s statues, such as Kwan Im Statue, Buddha Statue, Ji Gong The Drunk Monk Statue, Journey to West (Sun Go Kong) Statues, and many more that resembles Buddhist culture.

  • Avalokitesvara Graha Monastery

Well-known for it’s thousand statues, this monastery often called “Thousand Statues Monastery” or “Vihara Seribu Patung” in Indonesian. Many tourists said that when they enter this monastery, they no longer feel they’re in Indonesia but they feel they’re in East Asia such as People’s Republic of China or Thailand. It is said that this monastery is the biggest monastery in Southeast Asia.

  • Trikora Beach

Bintan is also well-known for it’s beautiful beach, Trikora. Trikora is always crowded with foreign tourists, domestic tourists, and local people, but it never reduces Trikora’s beauty.