Join Us in UIB Island Camp 2016

Summer Camp in Sunmoon University, South Korea
Jul 20, 2016
[Open Registration] Credit Transfer Program (Fall Semester 2017) to Hanbat National University, South Korea
Feb 21, 2017

With a good cooperation with Universitas Indonesia (UI) and grant from Indonesian government, Universitas International Batam presents: UIB ISLANDS CAMP 2016

This is a 10 days camp, in which the participants will experience the taste of Indonesian culture and languages. Participants of islands camp will not only sit and learn about the culture but actively they also will be a part of the culture!

The participants will get the chance to:

  1. Learn Basic Indonesian Language: The method of teaching BIPA (Indonesian for foreign speakers) will not use conventional way of teaching. Participants will actively use the language in the daily conversation and during some games in the Islands Camp Program. After this program the participants are expected to be at least able to introduce themselves in Indonesian and greeting in Indonesian
  2. Cook Indonesian Cuisine: Indonesia is always well known for its appetizing cuisine. One of Indonesian Cuisine, namely rendang, is even rated as the best food in the world. During this program, participant will stand a chance to practice Indonesian gastronomy. They will choose the main ingredient of the food itself and be responsible for it until it turns into mouth-watering dishes on the plate.
  3. Learn Indonesian Native Dance: Indonesia consists of 1340 tribes and more than 300 ethnicity. Each tribes has its magnificent unique culture. One of the product of culture is dance. Dance becomes an important element because it represents many moods and usages. Participants of islands camp will learn how to dance Indonesian Classic Dancing. This activity will not only encourage them to blend with other participants, but also will build a strong relation between them.
  4. Learn Basic English: This islands camp will not only be attended by one or two countries. Thus, English is used as the language of instruction during the program. Participants will learn English, and can earn a credit for their academic report. The English lesson will be activity based with a lot of interesting games.
  5. Visiting Industrial Places in Batam: Batam is set as the center of industrial city in Indonesia. More than 300 factories are built in this city. The participants are welcome to observe some factory and see the mechanism of product making. This will awaken the entrepreneur spirit in participant soul. Participant will gain knowledge of how the industry in Indonesia works.
  6. Visiting Mass Media in Batam: For participants who are interested in the cinematography, UIB Islands Camp can facilitate the participants to feel the media life. Participants will know how the news is made and delivered to the audience. They will be aired on the TV station and local news paper as well.
  7. Visiting the Various of Religious Places: Indonesia is always seen as a peace country. Many regulations are made so 5 religions (Islam, Christian, Catholic, Budha, Hindu) and 1 believe (Confucious) can be practiced well and the believers can live in harmony. Participants of UIB Islands Camp will go to visit each religion worship place. It will raise up the participants tolerance and build up a peaceful feeling for them.
  8. Team Building: Being together with many people during Islands Camp program will make participants interact with some new foreign friends. The team building will encourage them to mingle even better with other participants. The strong bond of friendship will develop during this program.
  9. Workshop in Video Making: In the world of globalization era, the stream of information can be accessed rapidly. In the workshop of video making, the participants will learn how to make a good video. This will be a chance for the participants to show their creativity and group work.
  10. Batik Making: Human eyes are enticed by beautiful color and pattern. The islands camp program will introduce participants with Indonesian most famous culture, namely Batik. Participants will make batik by their own and can present it for their beloved ones in their country.

All the accommodation including housing, meal, and activity cost are free for 20 seats only (reserved). This program open for public admission. Participant will only need to pay 500 USD to get all the benefits of the program (including pick up service, visa, housing, meal, and activity cost). Join the program and be a part of Indonesian culture!