Credit Transfer (Exchange Program) is an international program offered by UIB for UIB active students who wish to study abroad for 1-2 semester (6-12 months). The advantages participants will receive from this program is extra knowledge not only in academic side but also in language, culture, and social skill in participant’s country destination. UIB has a lot of university partnerships around the world from many countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Europe Union, and many more. Requirements and application form for internal students can be found at top menu or you can ask for more information at International Relation Office at Public Relation Department. Student will be facilitated with Dormitory, airport Pick-Up and accommodation assistance, and career counseling service. UIB will also provide a buddy (local student) to assist international student during the program.

UIB also offers exchange program for undergraduate students outside of Indonesia to study at UIB for Odd Semester (Winter Semester) or Even Semester (Spring Semester). Here are the subject list offered by UIB per study program:

Subjects For International Student (Exchange Program)

Undergraduate Program 2016-2017

No. Study Program Name of Subject
Winter Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
1. Law Science Introduction to Law 3 Islamic Law 3
Introduction to Indonesian Law 3 International Law 3
Private International Law/Conflict of Laws 3 International Environmental Law 2
ADR & Arbitration 3
International Business Law 3
The Law of Sea 3
E-Commerce 2
2. Accounting Introduction to Management 3 Management Accounting II 3
Management Accounting I 3 Management Control System 3
Accounting Information System I 3 Leadership and Entrepreneurship II 2
Accounting Information System II 3 Operational Management 3
Leadership and Entrepreneurship I 2 Accounting Information System Laboratory 1
Marketing Management 3 Accounting Theory 3
Accounting Seminar 3 Public Sector Accounting 2
Bank and Other Financial Institutions 3 Statistic 3
Strategic Management 3
3. Tourism English I 2 English II 2
Package Tour Management 3 Operational Restaurant and Banquet 4
Domestic and International Ticketing 3
Tour Guiding (Tour guide, tour leader, kurator) 3
4. Civil Engineering Real Estate Management 3 Property Investment Analysis 2
Foundation Engineering 4 Property Management 2
Transportation System 2
Project Management 3
5. Management Marketing Management I 3 Marketing Management III 3
Marketing Management II 3 Marketing Communication 3
Human Resources Management I 3 Human Resources Management III 3
Human Resources Management II 3 Human Resources Management IV 3
Intenational Human Resource Management 3 Services Marketing 3
International Business 3 Change Management 3
Strategic Management 3 Performance Management 3
6. Electrical Engineering Basic Physics I 3 Electrical Circuits I 3
Electrical Engineering Basic 3 Drawing Techniques 2
Quality Assurance 3 Basic Physics II 3
Probability and Statistic 3 Digital System Design 2
Electromagnetic Field 2 Programming II 2
Engineering Math I 3 Electronics Basic 2
Digital System Basic 2 Modern Control System 3
Digital Signal Processing 3 Industry Management 2
Basic Control System 3 Electronics Management 2
Robotics 3 Digital Image Processing 3
7. Information System Web Service + Lab 4 Game Technology + Lab 4
Game Design & Architecture + Lab 4 Web Programming + Lab 4
Data Warehouse & Data Mining + Lab 4
3D Modeling & Animation + Lab 4