Immigration Requirement

An international student needs a visa to enter Batam, Indonesia. The visa can obtain at the nearest Embassy or Consular office of Indonesia in the country of origin.

There are two types of visas to apply:

  1. Index B-211 visa or VKSB (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya/ Social Cultural Visit Visa).
    This is a visa for a short-term stay, not as a tourist and not for business. This is a single entry visit visa, refers to Index B-211, valid for 30-60 days.  We do not recommend you to use the VOA (Visa On Arrival), which is only intended for those intending to visit Indonesia as a tourist. VOA is not extendable.Requirements to obtain the index B-211 visa are as follows:
    1. A letter of acceptance which invites you to stay/ study in IndonesiA
    2. Your passport
    3. A copy of return trip ticket (if required)
    4. A couple of photos
    5. Application form (provided by the visa section of the Indonesian Embassy)
    6. Visa Fee
  1. VITAS (Limited Stay Visa)
    There are three kinds of VITAS:
    1). 6 months
    2). 12 months
    3). 24 monthsThe application process of VITAS take 2 to 3 months before your arrival in Indonesia, because the study permit (Izin Studi) must be applied to DIKTI (the Directorate General of Higher Education of indonesia, Jakarta) before you apply for VITAS.

The following are detailed documents you should prepare for your study permit (izin studi) and VITAS:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the vice rector of academic affairs of UIB
  2. A letter of approval from the Indonesian Embassy (if you are still in your home country), from the representative Embassy/ Consular Office of your country (if you are already in Indonesia).
  3. An academic report/ transcript
  4. A curriculum vitae/ resume
  5. A letter of declaration stating that you:
    -Will obey Indonesian rules and laws
    -Will NOT involve in any illegal work activities
  1. A letter of sponsorship or of financial guarantee (if you are privately financed)
  2. Health Report (signed by a medical doctor)
  3. A copy of valid passport:
    1. 12-month-passport validity remaining to apply for a 6-month SP (Study Permit) and KITAS (limited stay permit visa)
    2. 18-month-passport validity remaining to apply for a 12-month SP and KITAS
    3. 30-month-passport validity remaining to apply for a 24-month SP and KITAS

If your passport nearing expiration, we recommend that you have it renew to the maximum time allowed before applying for the visa

  1. Three sheets of passport-size photos (4×6) red background.

Since study permit and VITAS are applied before your arrival, the International Relations Office of UIB will then precede the application to the immigration office. After approved, the immigration office will send a telex containing a letter of approval to the Indonesian Embassy of Consular Office in related countries, in which you can get the VITAS mentioned. Therefore, please send the above documents (1-9) to:

International Relations Office
Universitas International Batam
Public Relations Office Building
Jl. Gajah Mada, Baloi Sei Ladi
Batam-Indonesia 29442