Darmasiswa 2017 Won Indonesian Writing National Contest

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Feb 8, 2018
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Mar 19, 2019

As part of Darmasiswa Program is customary to held competition in Indonesian Writings. They must expressed their journey, their experience and their life in Indonesia. Among 700 participant, 2 or UIB Darmasiswa Students: Kateryna Kolomiiets (Ukraine) and Francesca Cuozzo (Italy) win in the first place and second place respectably. UIB are among 3 university who won twice, the other university are Universitas Gadjah Mada and ISI Denpasar. This is proven not only the capability of UIB to become a good darmasiswa host, but also we are more than capable to produce student with drive to achieve excellence in their study. “As one of the core value of UIB, all the 4 students are already part of UIB family” Dr. Meiliana comments when receive this amazing news.

The winner are currently won tour to all Indonesia namely Raja Ampat and Danau Toba to immerse themselves to Indonesia and its wonderful beauty. “I’m falling in love with Indonesia, especially Martabak as its genius cuisine, so i write all my experience with my wonderful teacher and amazing cuisine here, and I won, that’s amazing, I never won anything before” Francesca or Siska, as we in UIB called her, comments when interviewed. UIB will have 3 more Darmasiswa in 2018 program, our faculty member are eager and determine to continue this achievement next year. Bravi!!