6 UIB Student in BIT 1st Wave

Collaboration UIB – YunTech
Oct 2, 2017
UIB Lecturer Got Doctoral Scholarship
Oct 24, 2017

BIT Okutama or Bridge of Institute of Technology is program based on Japan where students from around the world could learn Japanese and Working in IT industry with main goal mastering Japanese Language and have a chance to work in one of the front runners of IT Industry, Japan. During its first inauguration and opening of BIT Program, students invited from Philippines, Vietnam and also Indonesia. And UIB is very proud to claim that all 6 Students from Indonesia, are all come from UIB.

Kelvin, Claudya Novery, Dina Setiana, Agus Zendy, Harfendy and Andy William, are 6 of the brightest Information System Student specialized in Application Development after facing a written test, interview and 2-months long internship in Vietnam are finally accepted in Japan. On 28th of September, they are accepted and presented to worldwide partner of Jellyfish International. During their preparation in Batam, they must fulfill 3 professional international level Certification and English Test in form of TOEFL. They are all proud holder of Microsoft, MikroTik and Cisco Certification. And one of the most important traits is, they are not even graduated yet. 5 of them will be projected to graduate next February. This is proven that UIB Students are capable and desirable even before they are announced to public as graduates. Good luck in Japan, we are waiting for you achievements!