2017 Hanbat Visit to UIB

UIB Student in Joint Degree Program at Sun Moon University
Sep 6, 2017
Praying Room at Ming Chi
Oct 2, 2017

Hanbat National University (HBNU), South Korea, is one of UIB’s Partner in terms of International Higher Education Institution. in 2017, as part of strengthening collaboration between UIB and HBNU, Mr Hwang Son Pyo, Head of International Office of HBNU visit Batam for a very short duration of 29 September 2017. But that short visit result in a fruitful interchange. Mr Hwang accompanied by UIB IRO manage to visit and promote International Program in 2 respected Senior High School, and part of UIB Partner in Batam: Multistudi High School and SMA Negeri 3 Batam.


During the visitation in UIB, Mr Hwang and UIB’s Management also manage to discuss future collaboration between UIB and HBNU. Currently there are 2 students of UIB studying in HBNU: Vivian Hussy from Faculty of Law and Hervina Veneta from Faculty of Accounting, both are from SMA Mondial Batam. Future collaboration of UIB and HBNU are not limited to Student Exchange but also Joint Research and Fasttrack Program (3+2) so that UIB student can reach master degree in a relatively fast rate and truly go International. Mr Hwang commented that UIB has been a good partner of HBNU and will strive to give more to UIB student in terms of scholarship and other beneficial program.